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Wishing Wells are Magic by endirasae Wishing Wells are Magic :iconendirasae:endirasae 4 2 Fender Saarebaster by endirasae
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Fender Saarebaster :iconendirasae:endirasae 10 0
Skyrim's Butterfly Effect by endirasae Skyrim's Butterfly Effect :iconendirasae:endirasae 1 6
Dragon Age - The Kill. Chap 21
In the Minrathous Circle Tower there was a growing silence.
The two Imperial Edges ripped from the thrall's body with a sound like wet leather tearing then swooped up, around and down in two powerful overhand arcs as the elf dropped to his knees. The blades landed on either side of their victim's unarmoured neck, metal shearing deep from shoulder to mid-chest. There was no outcry of pain, the slave simply jerked and went limp, his brands and eyes ceasing to glow, his face empty.
Xai Merras released the hilts and took two steps back; the dead elf slumped forwards, his head hanging, until the tips of the blades stopped him from falling any further and metal scraped softly against the floor. Blood poured from the wounds into an expanding crimson pool.
Zevran couldn't see the Warden's face but he could tell just by observing the stance, the rapid breathing, how he was staring down at the dead slave, that the human, the Crow Master, had been knocked badly off-balance. Before he cou
:iconendirasae:endirasae 5 7
PORTAL AGE 2 by endirasae PORTAL AGE 2 :iconendirasae:endirasae 80 31
Dragon Age - The Kill. Chap 20
I was Dafen, 'Wolf Cub' in the language of my people. I was a hunter in a clan that one day ran afoul of Imperial soldiers. They fell upon the aravel and slaughtered the halla. Our Keeper and his First brought down many with their arts, the rest of us fought with bow, blade and axe, until the dark magisters began to work their perverted craft and all turned to ruin. Trees twisted to life at our Keeper's commands were burned and destroyed by demons summoned by our foes, and that was only the beginning. The mages seized control of our flesh. Brother turned against brother, sister against sister, bonded slew one another then were borne down by their own children.
We killed many…of them, of our own…but the magisters were too well protected and their blood magic too potent.
We who survived, those who did not manage to flee, were carried to different destinations but ultimately the same fate: slavery. I don't know what has become of the rest of my clan, bu
:iconendirasae:endirasae 3 3
Dragon Age - The Kill. Chap 19
Shayle puffed up haughtily, drawing herself to her full and impressive dwarven height, and stared the mage down. Figuratively speaking. "Were I still a golem," she declared, "I would reduce it to pulp for that statement."
"Oh, be reasonable, Shayle," the mage protested. "You purchased a slave here a week or so ago, didn't you? You can't keep lambasting the evils of slavery when you yourself are dabbling in it."
"This is different," the former golem said firmly. "Humans, elves, dwarves and qunari die a squishy mortal death before too many years have passed. These juggernauts, who possess the souls of dwarves, have been tools of the Imperium since the first Blight!"
"And they have never complained!" the second mage pointed out.
"What good would that do? Are the feather-headed mages implying it would release a golem if it simply asked?"
"I'm implying that you're arguing on the behalf of creatures who don't seem to care about being free, my lady." The first mage gave a li
:iconendirasae:endirasae 2 4
Dragon Age - The Kill. Chap 18
The disorient spell lifted with a suddenness that almost made Zevran lurch sideways. Shaking his head in an effort to escape the lingering pain of the blood magic, he pushed back and away from the wall, gripping his sword tightly to still the trembling of his fingers. He had to wrap his left hand around his right to get a good hold; the burning throb in his wounded shoulder and restricted movement in his entire right arm telling him the damage was bad. Not life-threatening, but severely crippling and painful. Without magical healing he might not be able to use his arm properly for weeks. Without a poultice or compress it would swell and become increasingly agonising.
He forced himself to ignore this for now and favour the two thralls in the passage with his attention, either or both of whom might still be a threat to him.
Xai, one Imperial Edge still in his left hand, the other clenched tight over his tattoo and twitching spasmodically, had pushed himself into a kneeling position and w
:iconendirasae:endirasae 2 1
Dragon Age - The Kill. Chap 17
Author's Note: Sorry, got distracted by DA2 :) Need to play it for all the Tevinter lore! There's quite a bit in there, actually (or more than what you get in DA:O anyway).
Zevran pressed himself flat to the wall as urgent voices drew nearer then the three mages strode quickly past him, their backs to his place of concealment. Again he had to curse his ignorance of Arcanum, but from their tones and body language as they reached the spellbound Xai it was clear the Warden was causing them some confusion. The mage robes, perhaps, or the fact he was entering the level rather than fleeing it, or that none of them recognised his face as belonging to a thrall?
Of course, there was also the fact that none of them would recognise his face as that of a magister
The elf in the shadows watched on, his breathing controlled as he prayed for the impossible: that the disguise would simply lead to Xai being released and the glyph shrugged off as some kind of magical a
:iconendirasae:endirasae 2 0
Dragon Age - The Kill. Chap 16
The atmosphere on the fifth floor of the tower was very different to the one below. While the fourth had possessed an almost homey lived-in feeling, made all the more palpable by the dorms and comfortably-appointed open lounge areas, the fifth was clearly a place of serious business.
Zevran followed Xai's lead, walking as though he belonged in these magic-filled halls, and observed as much as he could as the two of them made their way down the curved stone corridor. On the whole, he thought, it didn't seem so different from the Circle Tower in Antiva. The rooms branching towards the outer edge of the structure were being put to various uses by robed individuals: some resembled lecture halls, others training rooms with spells sizzling the air, one was filled from wall to wall with shelves of thick tomes, a couple looked like workshops or alchemy labs.
All that was lacking were templars, Zevran mused. He'd expected to see a grisly array of blood magic victims or any of a dozen kinds of m
:iconendirasae:endirasae 1 3
Dragon Age - The Kill. Chap 15
The innermost section of Minrathous city's central square was cordoned off with braids of thick black silk. A steady stream of people from all walks of life stood at the edges of the secured area or paced its perimeter. Some lingered for a time, others only for a moment of cursory respect. There was prayer, heads bowed in silence, small scrolls burned and the ashes scattered on the sacred ground, stares of curiosity or religious awe.
This was where Andraste had burned.
From where Zevran and Xai stood, the Grand Cathedral of the Black Divine stood beyond the square, all breathtakingly beautiful spires and marvellous stained glass windows. They could even hear a choral chanting from within, but the words were too indistinct for Zevran to tell if it was the Chant of Light being sung or some Tevinter derivation.
Conscious that he had not had the chance to be particularly devout of late, Zevran bowed his head in the direction of the scorched stone and made a small motion with one hand
:iconendirasae:endirasae 1 0
Dragon Age - The Kill. Chap 14
Sindel was easily able to heal Zevran's wounds, but Xai's required a bit more attention, especially where Zevran had hamstrung him. So while the Dalish elf had the human lying face-down on his bed as she worked her magic, the Antivan poked his head outside and instructed the first servant who passed to fetch Shianni. If he was going to explain what happened in the tower, he'd tell them both at the same time.
When he sat at Xai's table, booted feet resting near the man's twin swords and by now stone-cold meal, the human said, "I don't suppose either of you would care to explain how Sindel came to be in the Imperium."
Zevran merely raised his brows, while Sindel replied, "I flew." She glanced at Zevran while healing blue light continued to stream from her extended fingers, and at his shrug and smile elaborated: "He sent a letter to Highever before leaving Denerim, asking that I meet him at the Grey Warden compound in Minrathous after a certain number of weeks. The teyrnir was not too tro
:iconendirasae:endirasae 1 0
Dragon Age - The Kill. Chap 13
With the exception of a brief trip into the city, Zevran chose to rest for the remainder of the day and wait for nightfall to infiltrate the embassy. With Shayle's help and dressed plainly he had already cased both that location and the Grey Warden compound from the outside, and spying Shianni at the door of the embassy had decided Zevran's mind on where he would find Xai Merras. The red-haired elven lass had been sitting in a chair by the door when Shayle and Zevran passed by the grounds, looking as anxious as a wife waiting for her husband's return from war.
Zevran had also noticed that the Ferelden love of dogs had carried over into the Imperium; guards patrolling the courtyard of the embassy did their rounds in the company of mabari, which were a more troublesome obstacle than the soldiers themselves. The magically-bred animals would spot, scent or hear him much more quickly than a human or elven guard, they could raise the alarm with a single howl, outrun him and overwhelm him. Th
:iconendirasae:endirasae 3 1
Dragon Age - The Kill. Chap 12
"So…is this anything like how you looked before you became a golem?" Zevran asked.
"How should I know? If the painted elf has forgotten, I will remind it that my memory is not the best. I had to rely on the Grey Wardens to discover I was once a dwarf, let alone female, so whether or not I had black hair and brown eyes seems a minor detail compared to having all the right bits, no?"
"And what lovely bits they are, if I may be so bold."
The villa stood in the inner city. They were guest accommodations according to Shayle, guest accommodations that the mages provided to those they wanted to impress or get something out of. It was a magnificent place in Zevran's opinion, he who approved of fine things and high living when such things could be had, and more sumptuous than any lodgings Ferelden could have offered. The walls were fashioned of a pale gold stone, the many rooms spacious and furnished with expensive creations of honey-coloured wood upholstered in white, and tended at all
:iconendirasae:endirasae 1 0
Dragon Age - The Kill. Chap 11
Zevran ducked sideways between two towering shelves of books, threw his weight against the heavy wood and heaved with all his strength. There was a moment of teetering furniture and tomes, then a great rush of things falling into other things like a row of dominoes, coupled with panicked yells and the thud of books tumbling to the floor.
The assassin kept running, his breathing harsh and as quiet as he could manage under the circumstances.
He hadn't succeeded in getting to the exit. Running up the stairs and taking the first landing had seen him ploughing straight into a delegation of startled and heavily armed dwarfs, accompanied by three mages who had swiftly begun to cast at him when they'd heard the shouting from below.
Unable to break through, the Crow had retreated and climbed higher in search of somewhere to shake off all the attention he was gathering, and breached the famous Minrathous library—although he hadn't realised this at first. He had seen only
:iconendirasae:endirasae 1 0
Dragon Age - The Kill. Chap 10
Zevran regained consciousness and was immediately greeted by an unpleasant throbbing in his skull. Lifting a hand to his brow, he bit back an oath and slitted his eyes open.
"He's moving!" someone hissed from…somewhere nearby. "Tell Taeodor!"
Taeodor…Taeodor…where had he heard that name recently? Zevran grimaced against another dull ache, lowered his arm and stared with bemusement at the metal bars directly above him and the orange stone ceiling beyond. Had they run out of beds at the Ferelden embassy and tossed him into a dog cage?
A thoughtful inhalation through his nose told him that no, he couldn't smell dog. He smelled…
"Ser! Ser Zevran!" a voice called, soft but urgent.
Zevran turned his face.
The Antivan sat up so fast his head spun and a vocal curse escaped him.
The stone chamber was large, windowless, lit by candles in wall sconces, and dominated by ten huge cages and four much smaller ones. Nine of the bigger cells were filled with
:iconendirasae:endirasae 2 8

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It'd be awesome if more people made money out of fanfics.

Do you know how many people on DeviantArt earn cash from drawing characters from games/books/etc as commissions for fans? Take the computer game Dragon Age: Origins as an example. Fans will approach an artist and might say, "I want a picture of my character Princess Cousland with King Alistair. Princess looks like...etc etc" and the artist, for a modest fee, will draw it, slap an 'Alistair is copyright of Bioware' disclaimer on it, and send it to the fan. Artist gets money, fan gets picture of Princess CousCous and her King, Bioware gets props.

I don't know about the legalities of this, nor of fanfiction. Like I said, it'd be awesome if more people made money out of fanfics (some do), but it's not something that I am personally interested in going for, mostly because the idea makes me uncomfortable. Other people can go for it, and good for them if they get somewhere.

But have *some* integrity, for the love of God. At least acknowledge where the inspiration came from. Don't pretend it was all yours if it wasn't.  Most people won't care if you're making money out of something, so long as your methods aren't underhanded or cloaked with deceit.

Not many people like liars.
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Hello random deviant! Have a llama and a watch!
endirasae Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012
@gaspare - If you're going to leave a comment on my profile, I'd thank you to have the courtesy of allowing me to reply. That's pretty much the essence of trolling right there. Nice job!

Instead I'll just hide your comment. I did have a nice, rational reply written up, but thanks for proving it's not worth my time or anyone else's.
Lenoa-of-Elacas Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
In response to this:
"Rautu is a rip-off of Dragon Age's Sten. Her story's fanfiction with the names changed to avoid copyright infringement."

No shit, Sherlock, but even if he closely resembles Sten and his people resemble the Qunari, and some of her other characters resemble Dragon Age characters, anyone that actually knows the depths of Sten and the Qun or other characters in the game would know that, though based off of them, this author's characters have a flair of their own that was not once shown in any of the Dragon Age games with any of the Qunari. She has taken an idea and added her own personality to it, which is what many, many, many authors and artists do because it's very hard to find something that's never been done before by at least one person.

If you don't like her writings and if you can't get past the resemblance to Sten and the Qunari, then don't read her works. I personally like some of her short stories and if you don't then that's your problem.

Troll somebody else. I don't see you writing anything drastically original. Clearly, you also write fanfics instead of coming up with your own 100% self-made worlds and peoples and putting them on here.

And if you're wondering, I sent this to your profile instead of hers because I didn't want to make her profile look bad. Have a good day.
endirasae Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012
The difference between her and me is that I don't sell my fanfiction on Amazon, claim it's 100% original and that I've never even heard of Dragon Age like she is. Even David Gaider has called her on this. Yes, she is making money off adapted fanfiction and disavowing any knowledge of Dragon Age.

People can write whatever the hell they want. Heck, I know I do. But the least they can do is have some integrity, which she apparently does not. That I cannot abide, and for that she deserves to look bad. By all means, continue to defend her, if you think her attitude is ethical.

You have a nice day too.
Lenoa-of-Elacas Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm not 'defending' her by saying what she's doing is 100% ok, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter. You shouldn't troll someone on their profile in public by calling them out on it. Anyone that knows the Dragon Age games and reads anything she's written KNOWS that she's based her characters off some of the games, and those that don't play the Dragon Age games, probably don't give a crap that her characters are based off some of the games.

Basically, when you see something like that or someone like her, just deal with it and get on with your day. Who gives two craps if she didn't come up with the characters all by herself? She's still smart enough to make money off of it, get away with it and at the end of the day, she's probably making more money off her writing than you or I are.
endirasae Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012
Sorry, but I do give a crap when someone claims complete originality and copyright for something that's clearly not theirs. Making money off it is one thing--hell, if fan artists can do it, why not fan writers? but at least the artists respect the IP and its creators enough to give credit where credit is due.

Thanks for your 'deal with it' advice. I have no intentions of following it, and by the looks of her Amazon page (which I have not posted to) a number of other Dragon Age fans feel similarly. Fair enough if you do not, but don't expect me to share your blind eye attitude.
Raidho Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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omghai2u ^_^
closetoyourheart Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011
just finished your fan fic "the hunt" on it is amazing. i'm a little bit bummed out about the end. *waaahhh* but it was so good. SO GOOD. i usually take a few days to read a story as long as yours, but today i started when i woke up, read some chapters at work (bad employee!), and finally finished it about 20 minutes ago. i couldn't stop reading it. thank you for writing such a great fan fic. :)
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